About Curl Girl World Retreats

Helping You Find Inner Peace With Your Curls

Curl Girl World Retreats curates getaways around the world that help curly women go from "fighting with their hair" to embracing it!  Our Retreats teach self-love and healthy habits to nourish your curls from the inside out. We aim to bring you the ultimate detox away from the everyday stresses of life, with a community of women who understand your curl problems. Read More to hear our story.

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Our Story

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Hi, I'm Carolina Seville, Self-Love Curl Coach, and founder of Curl Girl World Retreats. 


My hair has always been a huge part of my identity. I was known for being the girl with the big poofy, wild hair. 


There's nothing wrong with big, poofy hair, except when you are trained since childhood to believe your hair was less professional and something NOT to be worn on special occasions.  Because smooth, shiny, slick , and manageable, straight hair DOMINATED the beauty scene, I hated my hair. 


I desperately wanted my hair to be straight, less poofy, and more tame.  

 I used to pull my hair back too tight despite the headaches to make sure not a strand was out of place. I  made the mistakes of going to hair dressers who didn't understand a thing about curly hair.  I straightened my hair by any means necessary, even if it was a poor home job.  All the while looking for some magical new hair product to save me. And the consequences?


Let's just say I've had my fair share of less than desiring cuts and looks LOL


I became afraid of going to anyone about my hair.  As the years went by, so did the damage to my hair and not giving it the attention it needed.  After all, I didn't treat my hair lovingly because it wasn't something I loved all the time, even though it was a part of me. 


I compared myself to other curly women and wondered what they did to their curls, so that I could make my curls look like theirs.  Why couldn't I be happy with my curls?


The never ending cycle of unhappiness with my hair continued.  I  needed something new and to getaway from the noise.


That's when in 2015, I moved to South Korea for a year. 


Being away from my daily stresses from back home helped me gain clarity and bring myself back to living in the present moment.  It was the ultimate detox from the negative self-image I painted for myself back home. I stopped listening to the voices from the people around me and was forced to find my own voice. 


 I started wearing my hair unapologetically regardless of the stage it was in, ending the "bad" hair day trend.   I became happier and more confident in myself causing a positive domino effect in my life.   I started taking better care of myself.  More opportunities opened up for me.  I dared to dream and make it come true. 


Now, I want to share with you how to never have a "bad" hair day again.


And that is why I started Curl Girl World Retreats, teaching curly women to care for their curls from the inside out. 


Our program provides an unforgettable self-love experience with a community of women that understands your curl problems.